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GoldMine Real Estate & Financial services is a local and full service company in great North West. we are honored to serve you in a best possible way, helping you to buy, sell, relocate and act as your property manager. Our agents are working in most part of the state and our specialty is eastside and Microsoft area.Our commitment and relationship to people is like a GoldMine to us. Your satisfaction is our goal, and also it is our goal to create thriving communities having you as a resident. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you to reach your dream as a new owner, or when you are ready to relocate, upgrade, downsize and rent your property. We have a team of experience and highly experience real estate agents who enthusically are ready to help you. Please do not forget to ask us about our very especial discounted commission, but elite services. We have a team of experienced brokers, loan brokers, appraiser, inspectors, professional photographer, staggers and... Again, your Satisfaction is our ultimate goal! Please ask us for free consultant! Our brokers will meet with you and share their knowledge and friendly advises and answer to your questions. It is extremely important to us to have and keep your business and also your referrals, by treating you like a family member in a professional and friendly manner. We count on you and your family and friends business. Please contact us.

Are you Buying, Selling, Renting or need a property manager?

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Farideh Emami

Office:    425-591-9900
Fax:        425-460-1046
Email:       farideh@goldminerealestate.net
Website:  www.goldminerealestate.net

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    We help you to buy your new dwellings for you.
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    We Sale you our high quality executive houses at best prices.
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    Your facilities go with you wherever you move!

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Conforming (loans amounts up to $417,000)

30 Year fixed      4.375%
20 yr fixed           4.375%
15 yr fixed           3.5%
5/1 ARM              2.875%
5/1 ARM I.O.      3.5%
7/1 ARM              3.75%
Agency High Balance 30 Yr Fixed -4.5% (loan amounts from $417,000 to $567,500)
30 Year Fixed - 4.25%
15 Year Fixed - 3.5%
5 Year ARM - 3.5%
Jumbo (loan amounts of $650,000 to $3,000,000)
5/1 ARM -3.375% or 3.625% @ 0 points purchase special!!
7/1 ARM - 3.75% or 4.0% @ 0 points purchase special!!
30 Year Fixed - 4.875%


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